2013 Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference : "The Heart of Culture"
by Douglas Wilson, Rich Bledsoe, John Barach, James B. Jordan, & Steve Wilkins
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Publisher: Auburn Avenue Media
Item Code: AAM-0438
Everyone wants to "change the world" but most resort to the least effective means to do so and completely ignore the one means through which God has promised to transform the world—His Church. The Church is both the world's "light" as well as its "salt"—which is to say, the Body of Christ is the one great hope of all the earth. But this also means that, if the world is to be changed, the Church must first be transformed. Our conference this year will focus upon the transformation of the world through the transformation of the Church. It will be filled not only with helpful instruction but also great encouragement for all those who care about the world and long to see the knowledge of the Lord fill the earth like the waters cover the seas.

These and other questions were addressed by the four main speakers in our conference this year: Pastor Douglas Wilson, Pastor John Barach, Pastor Rich Bledsoe, and James Jordan.