2015 Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference
2015 Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference : "Salt & Light" - AUDIO CD SET
by Douglas Wilson, Ken Myers, Peter J. Leithart, James B. Jordan, & Steve Wilkins
Audio / CD
Publisher: Auburn Avenue Media
Item Code: AAM-0480
The theme of the conference is "Salt & Light" and what it means to be the church in a culture that is growing more and more corrupt and decayed by sin and unbelief. Our speakers will address this topic from various angles in an effort to equip pastors and officers to lead the Church during this difficult time.

Featured speakers: Douglas Wilson, Ken Myers, Peter Leithart, James B. Jordan, and Steve Wilkins.

Lectures by Doug Wilson:
1. “Salt and the Politics of Envy”
2. “Light and the Politics of Darkness”
3. “Salt, Light and the Authority of Future Glory”

Lectures by Ken Myers of the Mars Hill Audio Journal:
1. Reimagining Melody: “Confronting ‘Narrative Collapse’”
2. Reimagining Harmony: “Love Made Audible”
3. Reimagining Rhythm: “Organic Time vs. Mechanical Time”

Lectures by Peter J. Leithart:
1. “Salted Sacrifices”
2. “On the Lampstand”

James B. Jordan's lecture: “The Goodness and Necessity of Death”
and Steve Wilkins' lecture: "A Bullet in the Side: Flannery O'Connor's Vision of Grace"