Church & Culture: "Patriotism & America's Wars" - Audio CD Set
by Steve Wilkins / Duane Garner
Audio / CD
Publisher: Auburn Avenue Media
Item Code: AAM-0321

Pastors Steve Wilkins & Duane Garner each gave two lectures on "Patriotism & America's Wars" as part of the Church and Culture series at the Bucer Institute.

Here is the lecture titles:
Lecture #1: "Is it Patriotism or Nationalism?" - Duane Garner
Lecture #2: "America’s Wars, Part 1" - Steve Wilkins
Lecture #3: "Laughing at the Black Helicopters: Why We Must Not Fear Conspiracies" - Duane Garner
Lecture #4: "America’s Wars, Part 2" - Steve Wilkins