Church & Culture: "Romanism & Orthodoxy" - Audio CD Set
by Steve Wilkins & Steven Wedgeworth
Audio / CD
Publisher: Auburn Avenue Media
Item Code: AAM-0277

Pastors Steve Wilkins of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in Monroe, LA and guest lecturer Pastor Steven Wedgeworth of Clinton, MS dealt with the history of development of the Roman and Orthodox Churches, their errors, and why people are tempted to join them. Lecture #1 — "Why I'm Not a Roman Catholic" by Steve Wilkins.Lecture #2 — "Lost in the Shamayim: A Psychology of Conversion" by Steven Wedgeworth.Lecture #3 — The Eternal City and the Seven Councils: Just Who is the Church? by Steven Wedgeworth.Lecture #4 — What’s a Reformed Catholic to Do?: Towards an Equilibrium of Christendom by Steven Wedgeworth.